The Benefits of 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingles

Shingles are a crucial component of a roof. Since they’re the outermost layer of the entire roof, their role is to protect your shelter from rain and other elements that can cause structural damage to your home.

Think of shingles like you would a shield - shingles block out things that can cause damage much like a shield protects your body from harm. From protecting your home from hail, heavy rain and other weather hazards to adding curb appeal to your home, shingles are an important roof component.

There are many different types of shingles to choose from like asphalt, clay and metal to name a few. Along with many different types of shingle materials, there’s a plethora of roof shingle manufacturers on the market. With that being said, one type of asphalt shingle stands out among the rest: 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingles.

Curious to learn about how they can protect your home? Keep reading to learn about the benefits of 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingles.



One of the most important things to look for when choosing roof shingles is their durability. How well do they hold up to hail? Can they hold up to strong winds? Will they prevent algae build-up? Luckily, 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingles can do all of that plus more - the durability of these shingles can’t be beat.

Your home is most likely the biggest investment of your life and you should choose products and materials that will hold up and look good as new for many years. Therefore, you deserve the durability that 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingles offers. 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingles are so durable that they can withstand winds up to 150 mph! With our constant windy weather here in the Chicago region, that’s reason enough to invest in a 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingle roof!



Have you ever noticed a roof that has black streaks? Those unattractive streaks are actually algae build up, a relatively common issue with asphalt roofs. If water gets trapped on a roof, algae starts to form, especially when heat and moisture are combined. With our hot, stormy summers and monsoon season here in the Chicago region, we’re a prime location for algae build up to occur.

Algae streaks are a thing of the past when you install 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingles! Because the shingles are made using a copper layer and ceramic coating, they resist algae for a lifetime. Not only do algae streaks draw unwanted attention to an unsightly roof, but they can deter possible homebuyers, something a homeowner never wants to do.

As a local roofing company that specializes in roof installation service, we understand that first impressions are everything and our 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingles will make the best first impression possible.



Don’t want a plain, monochromatic roof? No worries! 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingles are available in many different styles and colors. Whether you’re looking for shingles that are more on the black, brown, grey or colored side, you’ll have many different options to choose from.

We’ll help you find the perfect one that will complement your home and add curb appeal!



While our 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingles provide years and years of excellent wear and durability, they do come with a warranty to ensure your roof stays in pristine condition. With each Atlas Shingle roof comes a warranty backed by Atlas. Some are lifetime warranties while others are 20 years, depending upon which type of shingle you install.

Our warranties cover algae resistance and wind, both of which are common issues here in the Chicago region. Should you ever experience algae or damage from excessive winds, we’ll replace your shingles (but trust us, it won’t happen).

With the benefits listed above, you can understand why you should make the switch to 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingles. At U.S. Exterior by Seidel, we offer a roof installation service that’s simply the best of the best. Our 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingles are installed in a timely manner by expertly trained professionals that have been in the roofing industry for many, many years.

Ready to have our installation team install your new roof? Call (847) 541-2300 to schedule your free estimate today! We look forward to showing you what a 3M Scotchgard Atlas Shingle roof can do for your home.


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