Roofing 101: Natural vs. Artificial Slate Shingles

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Roofing 101: Natural vs. Artificial Slate Shingles If you’re considering crowning your home with a slate roof, it’s wise to weigh the difference between natural slate shingles and artificial slate shingles. U.S. Exterior by Seidel, an established roofing company serving Buffalo Grove, Highland Park, Glenview, and the great Chicago area, discusses the pros and cons of each style. Natural Slate Shingles Pros The biggest upside to natural slate shingles is in the name – “natural”, meaning these shingles are composed of natural stones. All of the advantages offered by natural slate shingles...

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Siding 101: Fiber Cement Siding

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Siding 101: Fiber Cement Siding Blending pleasing aesthetics with durability and low maintenance, fiber cement siding is an appealing option for contractors and homeowners. Let’s dig deeper into why this siding solution has such a sterling reputation. Overview Fiber cement siding has been at the disposal of siding contractors for years, but only recently has its sustainability, low maintenance, and attractiveness gained mass recognition. And when you couple these qualities with the fact that fiber cement siding lasts a lifetime once installed, it’s clear why today’s homeowner prizes such...

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Siding 101: Vinyl Siding

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Siding 101: Vinyl Siding When it was first invented in the 1960s, vinyl siding had its share of bugaboos. But in the ensuing decades, this low-maintenance home cladding has improved by leaps and bounds, to a point where today’s product boasts a variety of benefits. Big Upside Once the cracking/warping issues displayed by the first vinyl siding products were remedied by a thorough reengineering more than 30 years ago, vinyl siding quickly became a favorite choice for homeowners and siding contractors in Buffalo Grove and nationwide. Vinyl siding now has a sterling reputation for being...

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Gutters 101: Why are Gutters Necessary?

Gutters 101: Why are Gutters Necessary? For most home-shoppers, a prospective house’s gutters are one of the last items of concern. However, the presence of gutters is absolutely necessary on virtually every style of home in almost every part of the world. It’s no stretch to say that gutter installation on a home can save the owner thousands of dollars. Here’s a look at why gutters are so important for homes from Arlington Heights to Highland Park. Water Redistribution A gutter system’s main task is to keep water away from a home’s foundation. This responsibility can’t be understated,...

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Windows 101: Vinyl Windows

Windows 101: Vinyl Windows Curious about vinyl windows? U.S. Exterior by Seidel in Buffalo Grove takes a closer look at how vinyl windows can provide benefits for homeowners seeking to replace their existing windows, or incorporate windows into new construction. Overview There was a time when vinyl windows were considered a last-ditch, budget-friendly option for window replacement – specifically, rotting and leaky wooden double-hung windows. Why such a low opinion? Unfortunately, the earliest versions of vinyl windows would wash out (if it was colored vinyl) or yellow (if white vinyl...

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